Top 10 Tips For Nervous Fliers!

Posted by tashaheard on June 8th, 2012

Natasha Heard gives us her top 10 tips for beating nerves when flying.

1-     Do not stress yourself out before the flight; give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport to check in as rushing around or the thought of missing your flight will add to your worry.

2-     Think about how many people fly safely on planes every day all over the world.

3-     Remember that the air crew and pilots would not set foot on the plane if they thought they would be in danger in any way.

4-     Wear loose, comfortable clothing with layers so you can add or deduct throughout your journey for maximum comfort.

5-     Chew gum or suck mints or boiled sweets during take off and landing as this helps to equalise pressure and lets your ears pop.

6-     Alcohol is a depressant and can give you a sense of loss of control and heightened alarm so avoid it! Also caffeine makes you jittery so avoid this on the flight as well, try ginger ale instead as it settles your stomach.

7-     Don’t worry about strange noises during the flight, they are normal. Also turbulence is very common so don’t panic. Throughout the flight parts of the wing will move, don’t worry; they are designed like that to prevent stress so the moving is good!

8-     Distract yourself during the flight with films, music, reading, puzzles, games, talking, sleeping etc.

9-     If you start to feel nervous, close your eyes take slow, deep breaths and picture yourself somewhere else or at your destination, it might also help to plan through your holiday. Breathing deeply will help relieve anxiety and relax your body and using calming lavender oil on pressure points will help.

10-  Pay attention to physical discomfort; if you feel tense, tense your muscles even more, hold and relax, this puts you in control and you can relax yourself in your own time. This may sound strange but it is easier than trying to force yourself to relax quickly as this can make you tenser!

After recently completing a fifteen hour round trip to New York, I found these tips very helpful in keeping me calm throughout the flight and hope they help you to enjoy your flight!

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